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first order of business

February 28, 2010

We need to pick a date.

I have been waiting for someone else to suggest something, and no one has yet, so here goes.

July 9 weekend, 2011.

Feel free to pick it apart, suggest something else, or just agree, but make some noise!!

Leave a comment here, email the group (you know how, read below), or do something.

40 people a day are looking at the blog, and viewing the messages emailed, but no one is making noise.  Thats not like the Amelia’s I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

February 26, 2010

Ok, time to make some decisions.

The first is when, and the second is where.   They are probably interdependent on each other, so lets decide them together.

One important item, no one will be left out in the cold, i.e., if we decide to have it at Linda’s, or Laura’s or a Park, there will be lots of folks to assist with any work.

Food,l events, all the other stuff can be worked out later (not much later, but after the time and place is set it stone).

Join the email group (instructions below) and start suggesting, someone who is a whiz with spreadsheets can keep track and keep tally on the votes.

Thats my .02

BTW, if anyone has a family photo, feel free to upload it to the email list page by clicking on ‘files’ then ‘upload’.


Email Group started

February 24, 2010

Hey, looks like we’re at step 2.  I started an email group for this, join it at

instead of commenting, send an email, it will go out to everyone that has joined the group, (if you reply make sure you hit the reply-to-all button).

(Or, just send me an email and tell me to add you).  You will receive an email back with the email address and the web site.

The emails will be kept at that site for browsing, so anyone joining can catch up.

There is a place to upload files, and photos, anyone in the group can browse them, and I will post them on the blog.

Make sure every family member knows about the blog, and joins the group.

We really should make this work.


Starting point

February 21, 2010

Everything has to start somewhere, so let’s start with the original letter sent out to the few family members I have an email for.  Hopefully, they will send it to everyone they have email for, and we can get in touch with everyone.

I volunteer to keep the blog updated, and it will include sections for whatever folks want, ie email, comments organized, photos, news, info, recipes, whatever you want.

Thanks Andrea for these photos.

I would suggest to just click on the “leave comment” below to leave messages, I will keep them on a page organized.  Leave your email (or email it to me if you prefer, and I will keep you informed when there are additions.

Years ago, I remember having family reunions in Windsor where we got together with our family.

I remember weddings where the Amelia family took over both sides of the church, and the non Amelia spouse’s family were outnumbered several times over.

Remember Sunday’s, where we’d get together at Grandma & Grandpa’s house with the guys playing Brishca in the basement, Brown’s drug store at the corner, baby’s crying, always lots of noise?

I remember this stuff, but my kids don’t, because they were never there.  My kids don’t know from whence they came, they don’t know what it’s like to be around a hundred family members at one time.

We all went our own way, and have lost touch.

A couple months ago, I happened to meet up with a cousin (Michelle) in Texas, and when we sat down over a few drinks, it was like we had last been together only a few days ago (it was well over 25 years) and we had a grand time, although the visit was too short.

I would like to put out a suggestion that we organize an Amelia family reunion, with enough advance warning that everyone has time to make the arrangements to come, possibly for the summer of 2011.

Since we are all spaced out (ahh, I mean living in different parts of the country, east, west, south), back to our roots in Windsor would probably be best (not Detroit, some of us can’t comfortably cross the border).

I am sending this email to everyone whose email I have, perhaps you folks will forward to everyone you have, until we all have it.

I have set up a blog,

Go there and leave a comment, everyone can read it and it will be an easy way to stay in touch.

We have talked about this for years, lets see if we can all get talking, and really do it.  I for one will assure that my 3 children, Karen, Michael, and Leopold will be there, along with my two grandchildren (who knows, by then it may be 3).

Lets set aside a few days in the future to give our children some of the memories and knowledge we had.

Ok, I put the idea on virtual paper, and set up the blog, the rest is up to us all.

I can not direct the wind, but I can adjust my sails.
author unknown
Joe Amelia