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  1. Barbara Wiley ( Amelia) Says:

    What a wonderful idea! I don’t think my children, Matt soon to be 40, Becky 37yrs. and Sarah 35 believe the wonderful stories of Christmas at Grandma’s with 11 Brisca players in the unfinished deep basement , sending my dad “dry” just to see him get upset until someone took pity. The music we cousins danced to ( or jumped around to ) in the same small basement as Grandpa played the guitar and I think it was uncle Tony who played a small accordion and everyone else sang. I loved playing 7and1/2 at the kitchen table that somehow allowed 30 or more of us to play or watch and laugh together. Somehow 35+ grandchildren found room to laugh and play without benefit of a family room or games room or living room ( we were not allowed), but in a small unfinished basement, inside porch (unheated), kitchen, and long narrow hall. We had the best Christmas ever, every year. Each of us felt special to grandma who pinched our cheek and gave us a silver dollar. Receiving a gift from our godparents was always a highlight. I know some of my younger cousins will not remember these times but trust me when we all get to heaven “what a glorious reunion that will be”. So let’s get on board and get to know each other in the here and now. Thanks Joe for getting the ball rolling.

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