Email Group started

Hey, looks like we’re at step 2.  I started an email group for this, join it at

instead of commenting, send an email, it will go out to everyone that has joined the group, (if you reply make sure you hit the reply-to-all button).

(Or, just send me an email and tell me to add you).  You will receive an email back with the email address and the web site.

The emails will be kept at that site for browsing, so anyone joining can catch up.

There is a place to upload files, and photos, anyone in the group can browse them, and I will post them on the blog.

Make sure every family member knows about the blog, and joins the group.

We really should make this work.


2 Responses to “Email Group started”

  1. potogold Says:

    I sent you a private email explaining how. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t down load onto the google group site from school- it is blocked out by our board. Can I post the family tree info onto this site? and How do I do it?

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