New photos from Addy

Thanks Addy!!!

Addy put some new photos to the email page, hopefully more will come.  Click on each photo for a larger pic.

You can download these photos from the email page, link under planning.  Put yours up to the same place.

Description from Addy:

The one with the Christmas tree is at my Mom’s, Ed, Rose, Tom, Mike Darlene, Linda, Adeline.  The one with Grandpa, has Eddie next to Grandpa, Uncle Robbie, Aunt Jean, Aunt Mal, Doris, Aunt Edit, , front, Adeline, Barbara, Darlene, the picture with the three little girls are  Barbara Adeline, Darlene and Aunt Mal holding me up. The other two are in Grandma’s yard.  Notice the peony bushes along the fence.
I loved when Grandma would fill the house with them.  I grow them now just to remember her.
If you notice the picture of Darlene, addy, Rose, Grandma at a long table you will see bows in our hair.  Grandpa would bring home ribbon from the cemetary and Grandma would wash and iron it, we had great bows.

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