More pictures from Addy

The one picture of us all in a row was from a family reunion in the park.  I didn’t realize Eugene has such great legs.
I think the picture with Gene and Carmel was their wedding photo.  Everyone should recognize the rest.
Notice the picture of Darlene and I sitting at a table with Mom, Grandma, Uncle Joe, see the bows in our hair.  The bows were made from ribbon that Grandpa would bring home from the
cemetary.  Grandmas would wash and iron it and make us bows.   The picture of all the girls was from my wedding (1968).
If you don’t recognize someone let me know.

Come on everyone else!!

As things stand now, there is no date set.  The year is not yet set, I am still hoping for 2011, others want it this year.  You can read details on the email list.  Get there by clicking here:

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