From Eugene

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Posted to the group site is a PDF file with a ship’s manifest showing
a certain young dude arriving in NY from Italy in 1906.  Line 26.
Found it on the Ellis Island website a few years back. I’m betting a
bocce ball it’s our grandfather.
Per the manifest he met up with his brother at 160 Lyon Ave.
Check it out – think it’s Grandpa?
Gene May
First Name: Giuseppe
Last Name: Amelia
Ethnicity: Italy, Italian South
Last Place of Residence: Quindici, Italy
Date of Arrival: Dec 21, 1906
Age at Arrival: 17y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Italia
Port of Departure: Naples
Manifest Line Number: 0026

One Response to “From Eugene”

  1. Linda McGuire Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I found a lovely spot in Leamington for the 2012 Family Reunion. The rental fee for the picnic shelter is about $70 (they haven’t nailed down the 2012 pricing yet). There are several small barbeque’s, lots and lots of picnic tables, a shelter that fits about 50 comfortably. There are public restrooms, a playground, a splash pad for the kids, and a large beach area. It is at Seacliffe Park in Leamington in case anyone wants to look it up online. I think it would be ideal for our needs and would certainly be a great place for the kids! The beach is far enough away from the picnic area that the little ones wouldn’t wander into the water alone, and close enough to let the older kids go unsupervised.

    I think the arrangement for the food worked out wonderfully this past summer (everyone bring something to barbeque and something to share). We sure had a wide variety and more than enough to eat.

    I got a list of the dates the pavillion is NOT available. I thought that perhaps Joe could then make the call on when to have the reunion. The dates that are not available are: June 16, 24, July 29, August 4, 5, 12 and September 2. That is as of today, October 3, 2011. So the sooner we make a decision, the better chance we have of getting the pavillion. Not far from the park there are a couple of RV parks in case people wanted to make a holiday of it.

    Please let me know if and when we want to use the park and I will make the arrangements.


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