The Final Date, be there or be square!

This, from Laura:
The date of the family reunion for 2010 is Saturday, August 21st. Rain or shine.  We will a covering if rain is predicted.
Time: 2 o’clock
Place: 3446 Rankin Ave.  (I live three doors down from where my father use to live.)
If there is no parking on the road use the parking lot of Massey High School (1800 Liberty) to the left on the corner of LIberty and Rankin.
Phone: 519-966-7139
I would like to know who will be coming so I can plan for food and tables & chairs etc.
I would appreciate if you would either call or e-mail regarding which members of your family will be attending.
We have a pool so bring a suit and towel.
Food and Beverages
BYOB- pop and water will be provided.
We have fridges and a freezer in the garage should they be needed.
As everyone seems to want to bring something let’s start a list:
sausages/hot dogs or beef and chicken kabobs (Depends on how many are coming)
My fabulous dill dip and veggies
I have our family home movies which have been put on a DVD  which include a number of Amelia family get togethers and Trudy was kind enough to send me theirs which are also on DVDs.
I hope to set up the t.v. and player outside for everyone to watch them.
If you have some of your own please bring them.  We do have a VHS player that I think still works.  Someone will have to be in charge of fast forwarding through the boring parts.)
My son Christopher will be taping whomever would like to share an interesting story. (He doesn’t know this yet but he will do it if he knows what is good for him.) Unfortunately this can not be able to be sent to all who want it over the internet but Chris can make copies here at the house before you leave hopefully.
If you have pictures you would like to share, we have a scanner and put them all on a DVD or post them on the family web site.
If there is room and the weather looks like it will good- there is a possibility of Susan and Dan’s very talented children coming to play and sing.
If anyone else has any suggestions please make them.

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