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Quilt idea from Darlene

September 15, 2010

Wow, this sounds like a lot of work, but what a wonderful idea.

I will get her a picture of Mike & Louise, if anyone else has a nice one, send it.

If anyone has a photo of Harry & Lil, send it, she will need it to do the quilt.

From Darlene:

Joe,  I wanted to make a family quilt to raffle off at the 2011 reunion.  I wanted to put grandma and grandpa’s picture in the middle and a wedding picture of each one of their children’s weddings.  I have run into a snag.  Laura does not have a picture of Uncle Harry and Aunt Lil.  I can’t make the quilt without one.  Can you put this on the family web and possibly one of the aunt’s have one.  I am as going to call people.  I thought the proceeds of the quilt could go to a Canadian charity such as diabetes or cancer.  I also need one of your mom and dad.
You can email it to me or go to the group email page (link on the sidebar) and upload a file.

Everyone get looking!!

Thanks Darlene.