Lots going on

Sorry I have been Lax updating this page, but here it is for 2011.

Okay, so we will have the family reunion here at my house this year
(2331 Lakeshore Road 223, South Woodslee, Ontario  N0R1V0 in case you
want to map quest it.  I will send specific directions later if need
be.)  Because our yard is filled with farm equipment until the end of
July, the date I have selected will be August 13, 2011.

These are my thoughts to keep it simple for everyone:

1.    Everyone bring lawn chairs to sit on (I have plenty
of tables) I have chairs for people coming
from far away so don’t worry about traveling with
your lawn chairs!!  ha ha
2.    Everyone bring something to barbeque for their own
family (I have a giant charcoal barbeque as
well  as a gas barbeque)
3.    Everyone bring their own beverages.
4.    Everyone bring something for “pot luck” ie:
watermelon, chips, salads, whatever you have the
time for or can cross the border with, or can easily
pick up at a store. I will have lots of sweet
corn and tomatoes and condiments such as ketchup,
mustard, butter, etc.
5.   Andrea’s daughter Amelia has volunteered to plan some
games for the younger kids, as I do
not have a pool or much to do here.  I do have a tree
house with a very large slide.

Lets start a list of who has been contacted on here so that we make
sure we haven’t forgotten anyone.

To date I have contacted my sister Addy, Andrea’s family, including
Aunt Jean.  I will forward a copy of this to the people I have email
addresses for:  Pat, Laura, Susan, Renee, Michelle, Melissa, and of
course my other brothers and sister.

I hope that everyone  can make it.


Mike (my son) gave me some pictures with Uncle Joe in them, I have made them low res and am including them here.  If anyone wants a high res copy, send me an email and I will get one out.  These photos were taken summer 2010 at Mike & Chelsea’s wedding on PEI.

Have a great year everyone,


One Response to “Lots going on”

  1. Michelle Otteman Says:

    Uncle Joe, looks just like Grandpa Amelia in this picture.

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